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Program details

Luxembourg sessions details

Scrum in Sales: Mixing Good and Bad with some Ugly

A testimonial from the trenches on the adventures of a sales team and their adoption of agile development methods in their day to day work.

Speaker: Serge Craeghs, Sales & Marketing from ACA-IT

Agile Transformation – What Does It Take to Become Agile?

With the wide scale adoption of frameworks like Scrum and Extreme Programming, Agile practices have moved into the mainstream. But how successful are the organizations that are using these techniques? Are there patterns of adoption that can improve the odds of success? In this session we will focus on what it takes to be successful at an Agile Transformation, the potential pitfalls and problems enterprises can experience and case studies from organizations that are getting it right.

Speaker: Angela Druckman - Certified Scrum Trainer, Agile Process Mentor, et CollabNet, Inc.